Our support policies

Choose from the following options for support from SumWare Consulting - free, pre-paid or pay-as-you-go.

Support Agreements

Support agreements are available on a pre-pay basis and can be used for the following:

  • training (up to 4.5 hours excluding travel costs) or
  • phone support (up to 6.5 hours, by appointment) for the library or your tech staff or
  • remote connections or
  • Software updates or
  • on site callouts (excludes travel costs)

You can combine parts of the above list together and you don't have to specify in advance what options you want. So, for example, a year's support might consist of 2 x 1.5 hours of remote training plus 2 1/3 hours of phone support with remote connections. Another year might be used for an Athenaeum upgrade with a 45 minute remote training session and 2 hours of telephone support.

The support must be used in the year and may not be carried over to the next year. Support agreements may not be used for 3rd party expenses, such as bar code labels, bar code scanners, FileMaker software, etc.

Paid and Pre-Paid Telephone Support

Ad hoc telephone support is available for those without support agreements and is billed in 15 minute blocks. Our commercial rate is $40+GST per block (i.e $160+GST).

Education customers please contact us for rates.

Remote Access to your computers

Remote support is available at our standard hourly rates.

If your network is appropriately configured and you have broadband, we can remotely connect to your computers via TeamViewer, VNC, Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection, Apple Remote Desktop, LogMeIn - if you give us permission!

Click this link to download TeamViewer QuickSupport and run under instruction from SumWare Consulting. This will allow us to securely connect to your computer and provide remote assistance.

E-mail support

Limited e-mail support is available at this address for our customers. Mail us your queries and we will try to respond promptly. Since 1996, e-mail support has been at no charge and we plan to continue that tradition. However, we reserve the right to change that status at any time for excessive or lengthy support situations.

In conjunction with e-mail support, we may email you QuickTime movies of various screens showing how to perform certain tasks. If your computer is not configured to play QuickTime movies, you can download and install Quicktime for free from Apple's web site.

Upload your files

You can upload a zipped copy of your files directly to our servers. We will have a quick look at the files and help you decide where to go from there. We do reserve the right to limit this support or charge an appropriate time based fee (though we will let you know after we have looked at the files, of course).

On Site Callouts

Chargeable by the hour on-site support. Travel charges will apply and include at least the hourly rate.
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